General meeting minutes: 04/9/2019

The following are minutes from the general project meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.

All documents for The WordPress Governance Project can be accessed on the project’s Google Drive.

Props: Pat Lockley and Rachel Cherry


  1. Review action items from March 26th meeting
    Make sure everyone knows how to join Trello board
    New: Team Drive
    New: Automated tweets
    Discussion: Current project documents
    Discussion: Project research on existing governance
    Discussion: Project’s governance hypothesis
    Open floor


  • Review of the Trello board
    • Everyone is free to self-assign tasks.
  • New: Team Drive
  • Confirmed auto tweeting new blog posts and meeting reminders was complete
  • Discussed suggestions for recurring / automatic tweets
  • Discussed current project documents
    • Cathi Bosco shared the work on #group-communication
    • Including experience maps and stakeholder identification
    • Cathi and Alex Sirota have been workshopping scenarios, which need proof reading
  • Discussed promotion and support for communication documents
  • Discussed new research: case studies on current WordPress teams and their governance: what exists, what works, what doesn’t work, what they’d like to see changed/implemented.
  • Discussion: Morten Rand-Hendriksen and Rachel Cherry to get started on project’s governance hypothesis

Action items