General meeting minutes: 03/26/2019

The following are minutes from the general project meeting on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.

All documents for The WordPress Governance Project can be accessed on the project’s Google Drive.

Props: Pat Lockley and Morten Rand-Hendriksen


  1. Minutes from last meeting
  2. Meeting leader and secretary
  3. Anything to add to the agenda?
  4. Review action items from March 19th meeting.
  5. New: Trello board.
  6. New: Twitter handle.
  7. Update on Stakeholders document.
  8. Moving governance research forward (recruiting etc)
  9. Open floor


  • On minutes from last meeting, only dissent on the agenda was about reducing agenda items, Morten commented that today’s agenda was mostly announcements.
  • Morten facilitated the meeting, Pat took minutes
  • Morten asked if there was anything we needed to add to the agenda
    • Pat pointed to reducing agenda item discussion. Item was punted to Open Floor
  • Morten asked about Action Item updates:
    • Setup TeamDrive
      • In progress.
    • Setup Trello
      • Done. Access required.
    • Set up automated tweets from bank of tweets
      • In progress.
    • Share the word about getting involved and what we’re working on
      • Ongoing.
    • Setup automated tweets when blog posts are published
      • In progress.
    • Set up automated tweets for meeting reminders
      • In progress.
    • Remkus is gonna help find our “what governance means” messages
      • Punted to next meeting
    • Cathi is gonna tidy up our logo and create a Twitter header image
      • Done. Everyone applaud Cathi for a job well done.
    • Push the recruitment for research help
      • Ongoing.
    • Everyone sign up for at least one of the research items and do the research
      • Ongoing.
  • A Trello board for the project has been created. Find it and contribute at
    • Pat asked about joining, board status needs to be confirmed
    • Cathi suggested the board would be a good idea to maintain a series of links to resources
    • Morten asked for a volunteer to manage the board, Pat volunteered.
  • A new Twitter handle for the project has been created. Follow it and share its tweets at
    • Morten said the twitter handle would soon auto tweet and asked people to retweet and share tweets from the project
    • ACTION everyone share tweets
    • Pat suggested having a channel for tweet ideas, Morten suggested that as an agenda item for the next meeting
    • ACTION Morten / Rachel add to agenda for next meeting
  • Morten asked Cathi for an update on the Stakeholder document.
    • Cathi said we are collecting input, edits and comments on 3 new Stakeholder entries – please check out Enterprise, Frellancers, & Publishers
    • once we finalize our work we can update the website by adding these 3 …
    • We’d like to get them updated by Friday.
    • Morten asked Cathi if she could write a small blog post about it so it could be shared. Cathi agreed.
    • ACTION Cathi to write blog post
    • ACTION Everyone – feedback to Cathi on the document
  • Morten moved onto recruitment for the governance work
    • Morten asked for ideas and suggestions for this issue as it’s a persistent problem
    • Everyone discussed lack of time as a key issue for lack of progress
    • Morten suggested creating a Governance Hypothesis and then testing models against that
    • Morten suggested using a blog post to create conversation
    • ACTION Morten write a blog post
    • Cathi will make accompanying graphic for blog post
  • Morten turned to open floor
    • Morten acknowledged the request for shorter agendas.
    • Pat raised that the form belongs to him, Morten said we’d deal with it once we had a team drive.
  • Morten closed the meeting at 16:55UTC

Action items

  • Morten / Rachel work on getting people access to Trello board.
  • Everyone join the WP Governance Project Trello board.
  • Everyone follow and share Tweets from @WPGovernance.
  • Morten / Rachel discuss adding #tweet-suggestions or similar channel in Slack.
  • Cathi to write short blog post to recruit input on new stakeholder personas.
  • Everyone provide feedback on new stakeholders.
  • Morten to write blog post about Governance Hypothesis.