General meeting minutes: 04/16/2019

The following are minutes from the general project meeting on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

All documents for The WordPress Governance Project can be accessed on the project’s Google Drive.

Props: Pat Lockley and Morten Rand-Hendriksen


  1. Comments on minutes from last meeting (if any)
  2. Appointment of meeting lead + secretary
  3. Update on action items from last meeting
  4. WCEU and publication strategy
  5. Open floor


  • Review of minutes from previous meeting. No issues.
  • Morten chaired, Pat took minutes.
  • Updates from last meeting:
    • Morten invited people to join the Trello board.
    • Blog post about Team Drive action put back a week due to time commitments.
    • Morten thanked Cathi for her work with others on the stakeholder document.
    • Pat brought up the form doc being migrated and whether the related blog post needed changing, but it seems “ok”.
  • Point 4 – WCEU and publication strategy
    • Morten confirmed Alex noting the Governance Project does not have a slot on the WCEU schedule.
    • Morten confirmed it was never an official goal to announce at an event (and subsequent discussion has occurred in #general and #group-communication).
    • Discussion occurred on how to best release and distribute the data.
    • Discussion to continue at next general meeting.
  • Morten moved to open floor
    • Remkus suggested he may be able to do stuff at WCEU – contributor day was mentioned. Remkus will check.
    • Pat raised issues over raising agenda items and suggested tweets (as discussed previously) as possible slack channels. Morten created two new channels: #suggested-agenda and #suggested-tweets.
    • Discussion over an outreach team
    • Discussion over meeting time changes. European members want the meeting moved to one hour earlier. Discussion around the meeting time being North America / Western Europe friendly possibly excluding contributors from other regions.

Action items

  • Add discussion of publication strategy surrounding WCEU on the agenda for next meeting.
  • Remkus to explore options for WCEU.
  • Add discussion of meeting times to agenda for next meeting.