What should WordPress Governance look like?

As the weekend approaches, here’s my challenge to the WordPress community and other interested parties:

If you got to decide, what would WordPress’ governance structure look like?

As work progresses in the WordPress Governance Project, several people have reached out with suggestions and opinions about what WordPress governance should look like. This is a good thought experiment to get the conversation going about both what is and what can be. It is also a good platform to build a Governance Hypothesis, effectively a starting point from which further research can be conducted.

We are looking for all opinions here, short ones, long ones, new ideas, tried-and-tested models from other projects, general concepts, and fully fleshed out governance proposals. This is your opportunity to think big and approach the governance of 33.4% of the web as a design problem.

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below or in blog posts (and link them in the comments below) and take part in the development of a Governance Hypothesis for WordPress.

I know you have opinions on this. Even if the opinion is “I want everything to stay exactly as it is today,” we want to hear it. So, avoid disappointment and future regret. Act now!