General meeting minutes: 2/5/2019

The following are minutes from the general project meeting on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Apologies for the late posting.

All documents for The WordPress Governance Project can be accessed on the project’s Google Drive.

Props: Rachel Cherry and Pat Lockley

  • #group-presentation was renamed to #group-communication. Discussed the broadness of the new term and whether this was positive or negative.
  • Discussed how to highlight action items
  • Discussed task management software
    • Rachel to look into preferences/options
  • Discussion of group activity in channels and progress
  • Discussion over how to raise items for meeting agendas.
    • Suggestion of comments on previous minutes with a cut off date
  • Discussion over of tasks and recording community member’s skills
  • Rachel asked about adding groups to Mailchimp so people can opt into a group’s email.

Action items

  • Add group-communication name discussion to next week’s agenda
  • Rachel to look into task management options